Alternate Focus Stations and Schedule Information

Free Speech TV DISH Network ch. 9415 and 189 Community Access Cable Affiliates To list our current FSTV schedule click here

America Unleashed TV The Global Broadcasting, Inc. Wednesdays 5:30pm

BSkyB (England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and other areas in the UK all the way to the Canary Islands) The Global Broadcasting, Inc. Sundays 7;00pm

Cambridge CCTV 10 Sundays and Mondays 9:30pm

Chapel Hill Nc. The People’s Channel 8 Tuesdays 9:30pm

Cleveland Village TV, Time Warner Cable Channel 218 Mondays 9:00am, Saturdays 8;00am, Thursdays 10;30pm

Columbia, Mo CAT Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 5;30am

Del Mar Adelphia 66 Tuesdays 9:30pm

Durham Nc. Community Media, Channel 18 Tuesdays 3:00pm

Oceanside KOCT, Cox Communications Channel 18 Fridays 11:00pm

Orchard Park Bridges TV Schedule to be announced

Peoria, Ill. Comcast Channel 22 Saturdays 6:00pm

Raleigh, Nc. Raleigh TV Network, Channel 10 Mondays 5pm and Sundays 9;30

Romeoville Romeoville Public Television (RPTV) Comcast Cable 6 Daily, schedule varies

San Diego Cox Cable Channel 23 (18 North County) Mondays 6:00pm

San Diego Time Warner Cable Channel 19 Sundays 8:00pm

Santa Barbara People to People TV Second Wednesday 9:00pm

Seattle SCANTV Comcast 77 & Broadstripe 23 Mondays 10:00pm

City of St. Louis, Mo. Charter Channel 981 Tuesdays @ 3:00 pm and Fridays at 6:00pm.

Vancouver FVTV Tuesday 11PM, Thursday 3:30pm

Wappingers Falls Cablevision Channel 21 Tuesdays 8:00pm

West Roxbury The Arabic Hour Schedule varies