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We need your help to bring Alternate Focus to viewers across the country. All you need to do is submit a one-page form to your local cable TV station and then deliver to them the tapes we send you once a month.

Seven simple steps to bring Alternate Focus programming to your cable area.
Determine who is the cable provider in your neighborhood.  To whom do you pay your monthly cable bill? If you do not have cable, ask a neighbor. It might be Time-Warner, Cox, Comcast, Adelphia, etc.
Either call the local office and ask for the Public Access person, or Google the provider in your city to bring up their web site. Then search for "public access."
By calling or by internet you want answers to the following questions:
    How many half hour shows must I deliver to you to be given a secure weekly time slot?
    What hours are you available for delivery?
    Must I take a short (usually three hours) course on public access broadcasting?
    When is the course offered?
    What format do you require for the delivered shows?  DVD, minidv tape, etc. (Most station now want shows on DVDs.)
    I would like a good time slot when the audience would be largest. How long would I need to wait for such a time slot to become available? Would you hold my shows until such a prime time slot is available?
    Our shows are all 28:30 minutes with the appropriate black, color bars, and other cable requirements already imprinted into the DVD. Our shows appear in over twenty cable cities in identical format.
    What forms am I required to complete?
After you have made contact with the cable station and feel comfortable about continuing, tell us you are ready for us to ship you our first ten shows. You would take in six on your first visit and every four weeks or so you would bring the station new shows and pick up the already broadcast shows. You do not need to return our shows to us. We prefer you keep them for future broadcasting as reruns if necessary, or to lend to civic and church groups for community screenings.
We keep records of shows sent and delivery dates and we will send you new shipments of shows on a regular basis. Your job then becomes one of picking up old shows and delivering the new shows.
Build your audience by announcing broadcasts by email to individuals and groups, advertising in local newspapers, radio, setting up a table at local events, etc. The name of the game is reaching that large audience
Let us know when you begin broadcasting and give us all your broadcast information:  i.e. City, neighborhood, Cable Company, day and time, channel number. We will add your community our growing list on our web site,

Call or e-mail us if you are interested.